What We Do

Birth Assistance

Kind Hearted supports Perth families of babies born with various health conditions including breastfeeding issues, as well as babies born via traumatic circumstances, with basic essentials at a very overwhelming time in their lives.

We supply families with Birth Baskets that include nappies, bottles, formula, bibs, beanies, pacifiers and a soft toy. The Birth Baskets also include vouchers for groceries, meals, coffee & massages, as well as various support group information relevant to the family's specific needs.

Family Assistance

Kind Hearted's support doesn't just stop at babies. We also support Perth families who are still going through difficult circumstances due to their children having ongoing medical issues.

Our Home Hampers can provide relief for families who simply don't have the time to deal with the day-to-day juggling. These hampers include vouchers for groceries, meals, coffee, massages and babysitting, as well as various support group information relevant to the family's specific needs. 

However, these hampers can also be custom-designed to support all members of the family by way of providing essential items that simply cannot be afforded due to ongoing medical costs. Items such as school uniforms for siblings, clothing, shoes, crayons, pencils. Whatever is required!

Our future aim is to also provide accommodation for Perth families in these situations, an escape from reality for just a little while where they can come together and just enjoy some quality time as a family. More information will be posted on this as it comes to hand.

Outreach To Other Not-For-Profits

There are so many wonderful not-for-profit organisations that already exist here in Perth. But many of them are under so much pressure and do not receive the funding they deserve and whilst donations from the larger community are always welcomed, sometimes they don't fill the gap of where demand truly lies.

Kind Hearted wants to fill that gap by being a contact for such NFPs, whereby they can call us and ask for specific items. Whether that be clothing, baby items, bed linen, doesn't matter.  Kind Hearted wants to provide what is actually needed.

This is achieved via a callout for donations, as well as purchases of new items via our sponsorships.